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The Port of Gdansk Authority at the Polish Days of the Sea in Slovakia


The Port of Gdansk Authority at the Polish Days of the Sea in Slovakia


On 13 June, the annual Polish Days of the Sea took place in Bratislava, organised by the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce. The event brought together representatives of the Polish maritime economy and Slovak business.

Slovakia is one of the key countries of the Polish base, which - due to its geographical location and the structure of its foreign trade - constitutes an important market for the Polish ports in the context of serving the logistics routes leading from or to Slovakia. It is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger cars, but also machines, electronics, metals, and chemicals, which constitute nearly 70% of Slovakia's total export.

The primary idea of the Polish Days of the Sea was to present the assets of the Polish ports and the advantages of the logistics routes leading through Polish seaports to the representatives of Slovak business.

During the meeting, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA delegation, led by President of the Board Lukasz Greinke, presented the advantages of the Port of Gdansk, and its possibilities in terms of handling Slovak cargo from economic centres such as Žilina, Bratislava, and Košice with the use of the potential of Gdansk's terminals, to representatives of logistics, freight-forwarding and manufacturing companies from Slovakia. In the discussion, emphasis was put on the advantageous pricing conditions for handling Slovak cargo at the Port of Gdansk, as well as the great road and railway transport connections between Gdansk and its base. The extensive network of shipping connections from the Port of Gdansk and the opprtunities for Slovak companies to optimise supply chains thanks to the Gdansk port were also pointed out.

The one-day event showed that interest in Gdansk's port complex is high among the representatives of Slovak business. As a result, the Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of Slovakia is planning to organise another event for its members in Slovakia soon, with active participation of the Port of Gdansk.
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