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Heavy lift handling


Most unusual cargo handling operation in the Port of Gdansk


On August 18th this year in the Port Free Zone of the Port of Gdansk a large scale cargo handling operation was carried out. The operation consisted in the shipment of three coal lifting cranes of 865 tons each onboard the ship "Happy Buccaneer" of Dutch origin that came to the Port of Gdansk specifically for this purpose. The handling operation was preceded by a complex assembly procedure of the lifting cranes on the premises of the Port Free Zone, which constituted a major task of international significance. The assembly of the cranes was carried out by company Elzam-Konstal. It was followed by the preparation works for this most unusual cargo handling.

The Dutch specialized sea going vessel is properly suited for shipment of heavy machinery and fully equipped with two onboard cranes with lifting capacity of 550 tons each. The port of destination for the cargo is a coal terminal in the seaport of Mai Liao, Taiwan.
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