Port of Gdańsk invites you to locate your business on land within the Inner Port

Port of Gdańsk invites you to locate your business on land within the Inner Port

Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. has announced two tenders for the lease of land properties. The first, located at ul. Ku Ujściu and ul. Chemików, is built-up and comprises 3.58 ha. The access to Przemysłowe Quay III and its excellent transport links are undoubted assets of this property.

The site includes a covered bulk storage facility with a capacity of approximately 75,000 tonnes of bulk cargo. It is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Polish ports. What is important is that it is connected by conveyor belts to the quay and has access to the rail network.

A site inspection of the property is scheduled for 29 November. If you are interested in taking part in it, please contact us by e-mail at:,by 16:00 on 28 November at the latest, to agree an exact time of attendance.

The deadline for the submission of bids is 13:00 on 21 December.

The second tender is for the lease of an undeveloped land property of over 4.7 ha, located near ul. Sucharskiego. The property has direct access to it. In addition, it is in close proximity to quays and yards where coal is handled and stored. This creates favourable circumstances for the adaptation of the site for this type of activity.

The procedure is a public tender in the form of an auction. The application for admission to the tender and the detailed terms and conditions of the procedure are set out in the tender documentation, which is made available on the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA website: The deadline for submission of applications for admission to tender is 10:00 on 6 December 2022. The auction will take place at 13:15 on 8 December 2022 at the offices of the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA in room 9A.

A site inspection of the property is scheduled for 25 November. Those interested in attending should arrange their arrival and specify the exact time by e-mail ( by 16:00 on 24 November at the latest.

The Port of Gdańsk has been the fastest growing port in Europe in the last decade, with a growth rate of 110%. Modern handling terminals, efficient access infrastructure of the port and an extensive shipping link network allow the Port of Gdańsk to strengthen its position in the Baltic, year by year. According to a ranking of the largest Baltic ports, it is second in terms of total cargo handling. However, in terms of container traffic, it is the undisputed leader.

“Our advantage includes that we are a universal, without any restrictions, ice-free, deep-water port. The port basins are up to 17 m deep, which makes it possible to accommodate the world’s largest container ships and the largest bulk carriers entering the Baltic Sea,” explains Łukasz Greinke, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk. “The Port Authority’s goal is to create opportunities. This is what we are doing. If the area is well-organised, well-developed and well-connected, finding an investor is just a matter of time. At the Port of Gdańsk, there are still more than 100 hectares available for accommodating investments.”

Port of Gdańsk Authority SA is committed to development and cooperation. It is therefore implementing multi-million investments. A key one for the operation of the Inner Port was the ‘Modernisation of the fairway, extension of quays and improvement of navigation conditions’, which allowed larger vessels to enter the port. This multi-year investment, completed in the middle of this year, included quays with a total length of 5 km, and a 7 km long fairway. Thanks to the modernisation of the fairway, an increase in the maximum draught will be possible for ships entering the inner port.

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Contact for the media:
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