The Duty Free Zone is a terminal based around the Władysław IV Basin. It is located near the entrance to the Inner Port. The Duty Free Zone is also an area treated as a foreign country. It mostly handles general cargo: fruit, automotive and frozen goods. The entities operating within the zone include freight forwarders, customs agencies, inspection companies and many importers. The convenient location assures particularly good conditions for trade.

The Duty Free Zone is a business option for entrepreneurs who import goods and operate storage centres or provide logistic services.

Basic benefits for clients:

  • open-ended storage of goods from the territory of the European Union and beyond, without volume quotas (designated quantities of goods free of customs duty) or qualitative restrictions on duty and other tax. The option is available for all products admitted to trading,
  • the option to move and clear goods in batches,
  • the possibility to conduct general production, assembly and processing activities for goods from outside the EU in the Free Customs Zone, without the need to pay customs and tax duties for the means of production after the relevant customs procedure has been approved by the Customs Office,
  • the external border of the Free Customs Zone, or “customs fence”, is constantly monitored 24/7 by a specialized security service,
  • 24-hour functioning of the duty-free zone,
  • the customs records of goods entering and leaving the Duty Free Zone are maintained based on IT software.

Władysław IV Basin (Duty Free Zone)

Duty Free Zone
18 Zamknieta Str., 80-955 Gdansk, Poland
Fax: (+48) 58 737 97 22
Customs Branch Office "Wladyslawa IV Basin"
20 Przemyslowa Str., 80-542 Gdansk, Poland
Fax: (+48) 58 771 56 54
Local UCS Office in Gdansk
1 Oplotki Str., 80-730 Gdansk, Poland
Fax: (+48) 58 785 46 09