The Port of Gdańsk provides the highest levels of safety. The ZMPG S.A. Rescue Centre, acting also as the Coordination and Rescue Centre, operates on our premises. It associates the following security services working within the premises: port dispatcher, shift commander of the Gdańsk Port Security Unit and the dispatcher of the Florian Port Fire Service.

Thanks to this, information about any event that threatens human life and health or the environment is gathered in one place to enable immediate actions. The Centre coordinates the port services with the Captain’s Office, State Fire Service, Police and Ambulance Services. Therefore, intervention groups, firefighting trucks and ships can be used more efficiently.

Tasks of the ZMPG S.A. Rescue Service in the area of fire protection:

  • receiving, registering and recording reports on fires, natural disasters, technical, chemical and ecological disasters and other disasters in the port area;
  • assigning ready forces and resources to the reported events, coordination of rescue activities performed in the port area;
  • managing rescue operations during events;
  • participation in organising the rescue operation staff;
  • ongoing analysis of the situation in the port regarding threats and their operational security;
  • directing units for the purposes of fire protection during the handling of hazardous materials and hot works;
  • receiving and registering ongoing reports on the forces and resources of the rescue and firefighting system in the port;
  • cooperation with the Dispatcher, Port of Gdańsk Security Unit, technical staff and the Captain’s Office in combating threats and eliminating their effects;
  • notifying supervisors about threats in the port area as per separate arrangements;
  • maintaining operational communication with the participants of the rescue system and the municipal control station.

The Rescue Centre is equipped with the most modern means of dispatch communication. All media are available through one console, making it possible to perform all the necessary tasks from a single location. Calls made by operators are recorded and archived.

To ensure the highest standards of service and operation, the Rescue Centre is equipped with an emergency power supply system, video surveillance and an electronic security systems monitoring centre.

This Centre features:

  • the video surveillance system that supervises fixed camera points in the area administered by Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. and mobile camera points located on mobile patrol vehicles;
  • the system for monitoring perimeter security and intrusion detection systems;
  • the telecommunication chamber protection system.
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