Port of Gdańsk Authority SA was established in 1998 as a commercial company and has been operating under the Act on sea ports and harbours and the Code of Commercial Companies. In that capacity, the Company follows the tradition of all its predecessor entities that used to manage the port grounds in Gdańsk. The company’s shareholders are as follows: the State Treasury, the Gdańsk Gmina and eligible employees.

The activities of the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA include:

  • property and port infrastructure management
  • forecasting, programming and planning of port development
  • construction, expansion, maintenance and modernisation of port infrastructure
  • acquisition of property for port development
  • provision of services connected with the use of port infrastructure, in particular ensuring:
  • fire protection from the water side for the managed facilities and areas
  • fire protection from the water side for ships and other floating vessels in the port waters or in the port’s roadstead or anchorage
  • assurance of access to port collection facilities for waste from vessels with the purpose of their recycling or neutralization

Below is the organisational structure of PGA SA and the composition of its Management Board:

2 (1)

Sławomir Michalewski

Vice-President of the Board for Financial Matters Finance Director

3 (1)

Łukasz Greinke

President of the Board Managing Director

1 (1)

Kamil Tarczewski

Vice-President of the Board for Infrastructure Infrastructure Director


Port of Gdańsk Authority SA is a member of many national and international organisations. We work with: ESPO European Sea Ports Organisation – whose main goal is to influence the maritime policy of the European Union; Cruise Baltic – promotes the Baltic Sea region among tourists, shipowners and tour operators; the National Chamber of Maritime Economy – integrating the entities operating in the maritime economy and represents them to institutions, and state and local administration.

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