The principal activities of ZMPG S.A. consist of managing real estate and port infrastructure, planning port development (including construction, expansion, maintenance and upgrade of port infrastructure, acquisition of real estate for port development purposes) and providing services related to the use of the port infrastructure.

As one of the largest and fastest growing ports in the Baltic, we conduct business in a responsible manner. We are aware of the global environmental and climate challenges as well as their impact on human health and the condition of the environment, both of which are core values for our company. We balance the economic, social and environmental aspects of our company’s operations by treating these issues as integral components of our business processes. We therefore take measures to minimise our impact on the environment and climate, as far as the direct and indirect impacts of the processes resulting from port operations are concerned. We are firmly committed to fulfilling the requirements imposed on us by the provisions of national, EU and international law.

The key directions of our activities:

  • Efficient energy management, targeting the use of clean and renewable energy sources, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and taking compensatory measures.
  • Reducing emissions of pollutants to air, soil and water, including emissions from ongoing processes; rationally selecting the means of transport to minimise the carbon footprint and optimise the logistics processes.
  • Gradual adaptation of port infrastructure to the highest quality standards, in a way that guarantees safety for the environment.
  • Partnerships with the scientific community, local government and the public.
  • Active participation in national and international conferences, workshops and programmes of an environmentally friendly nature, through delegates representing the company.
  • Expanding the digitalisation of processes.
  • Requiring counterparties to comply with certain environmental standards and supporting them in reducing their environmental and climate impact.
  • Making purchasing decisions taking environmental criteria into account.
  • Responsible marketing and stakeholder education.

We continuously analyse our environmental impact, and set goals that we consider realistic, engage in long-term dialogue with stakeholders, educate, involve and recognise the contribution of our employees in improving the functioning of ZMPG S.A. by implementing innovative environmentally friendly solutions. At the same time, we continue to improve our environmental management system and the solutions used.