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Tariff of Port Fees and Pricing

Electric power supply to vessels

Port services

Electric power supply to vessels


In order to gain access to electric power supply, the ship owner or his agent shall use the following procedure:

  • ship master or agent of the vessel, on entering the port, shall inform the Port's Chief Dispatcher of his demand for electric power supply during the vessel's stay in the port in order to determine the quay equipped with electric power supply station, from which electric power will be supplied to the vessel1
  • ship master or agent of the vessel shall inform his demand for electric power supply within the following schedule:
    - from Monday to Friday between 7am and 3pm at email address: zasilanie_statkow@portgdansk.pl
    - outside the above-mentioned hours and on Saturdays and Sundays on phone number: +48 58 737 76 63
  • ship master or agent of the vessel together with a representative of the power emergency service shall draw up a connection protocol including:
    - payer's details (name of company or natural person, address, Tax Payer's ID No, National Court Register No),
    - basis of cost calculation (lump-sum or according to meter readings, required wattage),
    - place and date of connecting and disconnecting electric power supply.

General terms and conditions of supplying electric power to vessels:
The basis of cost calculation of supplying electric power to vessels from low voltage tap line 3-phase voltage 0,4kV, 50Hz from 1kW to 20kW, TN-C-S network, shall be the actual metre reading or lump-sum in case of power supply stations where metre reading is not available.

For cost calculation of electric power supply, the following rates shall apply:


Electricity billing table for vessels according to the rates effective as of January 1st, 2018


Cost calculation of used 3-phase electric power




Lump-sum per 1kW
(acc. to tariff R)

PLN 0.5895/1h

1 day=24kWh,
contracted power 1kW

2. Cost calculation on the basis of metre reading
(acc. to tariff C11)

PLN 0.4545/1kWh

metre reading
contracted power
declared by the client
from 1 to 20kW


PLN 0.0078/1h


Vessels connecting to electric power supply should have their own connection cable with 63A plug.


1in case it is necessary for the vessel to connect to power supply in other locations, if possible, connection and cost calculation of power consumed shall be settled directly with tenants or operators of a given quay.