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Hydrographic conditions


The Port of Gdansk is particularly favoured with its hydrographic conditions:

the outer part, protruding to sea, with its deepwater outer port, can accommodate the largest vessels navigating the Baltic Sea. This part is suited for servicing vessels along the piers ranging 220 to 765 m in length and up to 15 m draft. The fairway is 17 m deep.

The inner port spread along the Port Canal and the Vistula estuary and can accommodate vessels of up to 10.2 m draft and 225 m in length.

Both parts of the port maintain separate anchor grounds and fairways.

Located at the mouth of the river, the Port of Gdansk, as well as the adjacent area is ice-free and tide-free all year round. Despite the sever winter weather the navigation conditions are favourable, which contributes to the Port of Gdansk being one of the most approachable port in the Baltic Sea Region.

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