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The City of Gdansk


Gdansk is a remarkable city owing to its over 1000-year's tradition, outstanding architectural heritage and historical significance. Over the past centuries it has always been inseparably related to the sea. Situated at the intersection of the routes running from the east to the west of Europe, as well as from the north to the south, Gdansk contributed to the development of the international trade and became a long-standing part of the Hanzeatic tradition. The city stood out against the others due to its open-minded attitude towards the world, rich amalgam of different cultural backgrounds, as well as the historical complexity that added up to the city's symbolic appearance.

Gdansk continues to attract visitors by the multitude of its magnificent buildings, historical monuments, as well as picturesque streets. The city's architecture constitutes a perfect composition of various artistic stiles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque.

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