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The passenger and freight ferry terminal is located on the Obrońców Westerplatte Quay, near the port entrance and close to the centre of Gdańsk. Due to the cable-stayed bridge, the terminal is well connected with the Polish and international road network, in particular with the Gdańsk-Warsaw route (distance to Warsaw is 345 km) and the A1 motorway through the Gdańsk Southern Ring.

The Terminal infrastructure is dedicated for handling:

  • vessels transporting cargo in the ro-ro technology;
  • ferries;
  • passenger ships.

The Westerplatte Ferry Terminal serves regular passenger-car connections to Sweden. Two Polferries traverse the Gdańsk – Nynäshamn line (60 km from Stockholm). These are the M/F Wawel and M/F Nowa Star. The ferries belong to the Polish Baltic Shipping Company. Their decks include restaurants, cafés, conference rooms, cinemas, discos, grill bars as well as cosmetics, food and clothing shops. The Nova Star vessel can carry 1,215 passengers at a time, including 648 in 2- and 4-person cabins, while the M/F Wawel ferry (511 in accommodation cabins) can carry 1,000 passengers.

The Westerplatte Ferry Terminal is an open terminal – the Management Board of Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. invites contractors interested in the establishment of regular shipping connections. It guarantees servicing ships simultaneously at three stands – each equipped with the ro-ro ramp.

Terminal potential:

  • 3 berths:
    – stand no. 1 with maximum draft 8.4 m
    – stand no. 2 with maximum draft 8.0 m
    – stand no. 3 with maximum draft 9.5 m
  • possibility to serve vessels of lengths up to 225 m
  • two floating ro-ro ramps with a maximum load capacity of 80 tons each on pontoons with the following dimensions: length 35 m and width 21 m and one fixed tilting ramp with a maximum load capacity of 80 tons
  • total area of the terminal – 72,000 m²
  • parking yards with an area of 10,700 m² with the total capacity of:
    375 passenger cars / 125 trucks
    12 busses
    20 trainsets
  • manoeuvre and storage yards with an area of 19,900 m² with the total capacity of:
    500-1100 passenger cars or
    140-360 trailers
  • warehouse with an area of 8,325 m²
  • rail tracks to the warehouse and the adjacent railway ramp – maximum length of the trainset of 170 m
  • six stands of the customs and border crossing service for vehicles
  • passenger station with a total area of 2,050 m² with the communication gallery and administrative and office facilities, ensuring full service of the passenger traffic (six stands of passenger check-in)
  • escalators and lift to the communication gallery
  • parking lots in front of the station building for 52 passenger cars and 8 buses
  • reloading capacity of the terminal per year:
    600 thousand – 1 million passengers
    180 thousand – 400 thousand passenger cars
    150 thousand – 350 thousand trucks
  • service compliant with the Schengen Agreement

The next investment which will result in even better connection of the Terminal with the extended and modernised transport network is the construction of a new double track railway bridge over the Dead Vistula.


Additional information is provided by:

Polish Baltic Shipping Co. Polferries – Ferry Terminal
70 Sucharskiego Str., 80-602 Gdansk, Poland
Fax: (+48) 58 737 65 74