Although a visit to Gdansk can be considered by many as merely the sightseeing of historic monuments, it may as well take on another form of spending free time. All those wishing to try more active forms of leisure and recreation will certainly enjoy the itinerary “Pleasures of active living” offering an alternative full-day’s agenda of activities.

One suggestion is a game of golf played on one of the many golf courses available in the Pomerania Region. Some of the venues especially recommended by golf enthusiasts include th Sierra Golf Club, situated 45 kilometres north-east of Gdansk or Postolowo Golf Club – 31 kilometres south-east of Gdansk. Both are 18 hole master class courses with a par of 72, surrounded by the beautiful green areas of Pomerania and specially designed with the most demanding players in mind.
These are some of the longest golf courses in Europe, designated for both professional and recreational players. Perfectly blended in with the surrounding landscape, they are equipped with a modern driving range, including naturally created streams, ponds, hills and bridges.
Both facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment, such as GPS Golf caddies, supporting players with maps, distances, the player’s location, scores and other details. These features are but few of the many advantages presented by the recommended golf courses which are decidedly well woth a visit even during a short stay in Gdansk.

Another idea involves actively spending time by the seaside. All along the coastline of the Gulf of Gdansk – stretching from Gdansk to Gdynia – there are beautiful sandy beaches and the seaside boulevard, which represent a great attraction throughout the year. The active visitors will undoubtedly enjoy this alternative form of leisure, including a stroll in the beautiful green area accompanied by the swooshing of the surf, a bike ride or in-line skating on a specially provided trail adjacent to the beaches on the one side and to the green belt on the other, lined with quaint restaurants and coffee bars encouraging passers-by to take a short break over a tasty meal or a cup of aromatic coffee. Half way through the seaside boulevard, the opportunity arises to take a stroll along the famous Sopot wooden pier, which with its length of more than half a kilometer is considered to be the longest boardwalk on the Baltic Sea.

While in Sopot – a world-renowned beach and health resort often called the Riviera of the North – it is recommended to take a walk along the famous pedestrian Monte Cassino street, colloquially referred to as “Monciak”,  or to take a bath at the Sopot Aquapark.
Horse riding enthusiasts will enjoy the pleasures offered by the local stables, where horses can be hired for group or individual riding trips along the seaside or in the local woodlands.

The itinerary “Pleasures of active living” is but a handful of suggestions offering various forms of active pastime in Gdansk Pomerania. This is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland, boasting the most diversified variety of landscapes. Whether it be a weekend getaway or a holiday, there is certainly a wealth of reasons why so many tourists each year choose Pomerania as their destination of choice.