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Chemikow Quay

Ship length
Operating quay length
Max. draft
Warehouses capacity
Gantry cranes
 up to 225 m
 352 m
 10.2 m
 75,000 t
 20 t
 8 t

The handling and storage terminal located here has a handling capacity of 400 t/hr. Continued cooperation with Gdansk Phosphate Fertilizers Plant "Fosfory" Ltd in the area of handling inorganic fertilizers, phosphate raw material, molasses and sulphuric acid, among other cargo, is ensured by direct pipeline and conveyor belt connections. The terminal has a warehouse of a capacity of 75,000 tonnes. Services are rendered by the Cargo Handling and Storage Services Company "Chemiki" Ltd.

For further information please contact:

Fosfory Ltd GZNF Pulawy Group
2 Kujawska Str., 80-550 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 343 82 71
Fax: (+48) 58 303 85 76

Quay operator:
Chemiki Ltd PUPS
[ More information ] [ Access gates ]
4 Chemikow Str., 80-550 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 772 74 70
Fax: (+48) 58 772 74 74