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  Port of Gdansk
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The City of Gdansk

Sights of Gdansk


Calendar of events

The history of Gdansk and its port

999 -
First ever historical mention of the Port of Gdansk in "The Life of St. Adalbert"

1236 -
Granting of municipal rights by the Duke of Pomerania Swietopelk the Great

1308 -
Seizure of the city by the Teutonic Knights

1361 -
Gdansk becoming a member of the Hanzeatic League

1454 -
Gdansk returning to Poland as a result of the Act of Incorporation of Prussian estates to the Kingdom of Poland

1457 -
Assigning of extended municipal and port autonomy privileges to Gdansk by King Casimir Jagiellonian

1627 -
The Battle of Oliwa - a victorious struggle of the Polish fleet with the Swedish sea blockade of the Port of Gdansk

17th century -
The Golden Age of the Port of Gdansk

1793 -
Incorporation of Gdansk to Prussia subsequent to the second partition of Poland

1807 -
Establishing of the Free City of Gdansk following the Napoleonic wars

1815 -
Re-incorporation of Gdansk to Prussia

1919 -
Second-time establishing of the Free City of Gdansk

September 1, 1939 -
Beginning of the World War II with the German attack on Westerplatte


1973 -
Launching of the Ferry Terminal

1974 -
Launching of the Coal Terminal in the Northern Port

1975 -
Launching of the Liquid Fuel Terminal in the Northern Port

1996 -
Formation of the Duty Free Zone in Gdansk

1997 -
Establishing of the company of Port of Gdansk Authority SA

1998 -
Completion of the construction work on the LPG Terminal in the Northern Port
Establishing of the Gdansk Container Terminal

2001 -
Opening of the suspension bridge across the Martwa Wisla river

2002 -
Construction of the Westerplatte Ferry Terminal

2007 -
Launching of the Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk

2010 -
Launching of the first deep-sea container service