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GBT - a new bulk terminal at the Port of Gdansk

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GBT - a new bulk terminal at the Port of Gdansk


On 29th October 2010, Malteurop Polska and Copenhagen Merchants announced that they had made an agreement concerning the development of the Gdansk Bulk Terminal (GBT). This event has its historic roots in the north-east regions of France and dates back to 1960, when the cooperative La Providence Agricole, a historic structure of Champagne Céréales, launched the construction of an enormous malt house in Reims. The rapid growth of the world's brewing industry was a guarantee of a huge market to the French malt producers. Already in 1977, they founded Union Providence Malt, gathering about fifteen cooperatives. Taking over successive malt houses, they soon merged with Union Champagne Malt, which gave rise to the Malteurop Group.

Today Malteurop is the biggest malt producer in the world. It has 23 production branches in 12 European countries, North America, Oceania and Asia, and it produces over 2.2 million tonnes of malt annually. Gdansk became a member of this extended family three years ago, when Malteurop bought the company Baltic Malt, which was launched by the German company Weissheimer Malz and has operated at the Bytomskie Quay since 1997. The handling of barley and malt at the Port of Gdansk as well as the located here processing plant became part of the world's advanced and environment-friendly brewing industry chain.

Another Gdansk-based investment project implemented by the Malteurop Group, equally shared by Copenhagen Merchant, is the Gdansk Bulk Terminal due to launch its operation in autumn 2011. The terminal will consist of state-of-the-art warehouses with a capacity of 35 thousand tonnes, equipped with comprehensive grain drying technology and a dedicated system that will enable the handling of both import and export goods.
- The key to the investment's expected success is - according to Simon Rodian Christensen of Copenhagen Merchants - the undoubtedly unique location of Gdansk.
- The guarantee of success -
adds Malteurop Polska's Managing Director Ryszard Zdeb - is combining management experience and excellent knowledge of the market. It is also important that the project will activate farmers in the Pomeranian region and, at the same time, provide the terminal and the malt house with cheap supplies from the local barley producers.

The Malteurop's characteristic, yellow silos rising above the cranes in the area of the Polish Hook (Polski Hak) have blended in the landscape of the Gdansk port. We believe that a new investment project at the Bytomskie Quay will also bring a long-lasting success and will boost not only the port's throughout rates, but also its impact on the local economy in the Pomeranian Region.

PGA SA PR Officer

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