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  Port of Gdansk
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Gdansk and Pomerania - the book of records

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Gdansk and Pomerania - the book of records



  • Gdansk - one of the oldest cities in Poland (more than a thousand years' of history)
  • Great Crane in Gdansk - the biggest port crane in the world until the 19th century
  • Grand Mill in Gdansk - the biggest mill in medieval Europe
  • Artus' Court - housing the biggest Renaissance tile stove in the world
  • St. Mary's Basilica in Gdansk - the biggest brick church in the world
  • St. Mary's Basilica in Gdansk - housing the biggest medieval clock in the world
  • St. Bridget's Church - housing the biggest amber altar in the world
  • Oliwa Cathedral - the longest church in Poland, housing the pipe organ that was considered the biggest in Europe when built in the mid-18th century
  • Zoological Garden in Gdansk - the biggest zoo in Poland
  • Gdansk Shipyard - the sight that witnessed the biggest European late 20th century social movement leading to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.


  • Pomerania - the most forested region in Poland (36% of the region is covered by forests)
  • Sopot - the longest wooden pier on the Baltic Sea (512 metres long)
  • Łeba - the largest moving dunes in Europe
  • Malbork - the largest medieval castle in the world
  • Wdzydze Kiszewskie - the oldest open air museum in Poland
  • Szymbark - Centre for Education and Regional Promotion - the longest plank in the world, the longest table in the world, and the largest concert grand piano in the world