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  Port of Gdansk
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Berths for cruise ships

The Port of Gdansk - a Polish port located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea - is visited each year by thousands of tourists arriving here on board cruise ships.
The port is divided into two sections - the Inner Port and the Outer Port. As a rule, cruise ships are accommodated in the inner section that offers several quays suited for handling cruise ships, including Westerplatte Quay, Cpt. Ziolkowski Quay and WOC II Quay.

Westerplatte Quay is a unique place thanks to its location in the direct vicinity of the port's entrance. This enables reducing to a minimum the time required for docking a ship. Another advantage relates to tourism as passengers arriving on ships can within 5 minutes get to one of the most valuable historic buildings in Gdansk - the Vistula Mouth Fortress, and to the Memorial to the Westerplatte Defenders situated within a few hundred metres away from the quay. It was here that on 1 September 1939 World War II was begun with the shelling of Westerplatte by the Nazi battleship Schleswig-Holstein. Cruise ships dock right at the feet of the monumental Memorial to the Westerplatte Defenders raised as a commemoration of those events. There is a pier near the quay where pleasure boats stop in the summer season, offering trips to the Old Town - the historic heart of Gdansk. Westerplatte Quay is well connected with the national and international road system, ensuring easy and fast transport both to the centre of Gdansk (15 minutes to the Old Town) and to other renowned tourists destinations, including Malbork and Warsaw.

Cpt. Ziolkowski Quay is an elegant waterfront with a walking promenade often visited by the residents of Gdansk. A walk along the bank, with the Memorial to the Westerplatte Defenders towering in the background and the nearby-located beautiful, historic lighthouse built to resemble that in Clevelend, Ohio, adds to the scenic ambience of this quay.
Cpt. Ziolkowski Quay situated next to the port's entrance is designated mainly for smaller cruise vessels. This quay is especially recommended to all those arriving by cruise ships and planning to visit the Old Town of Gdansk and the Oliwa Cathedral, as well as other destinations located north of Gdansk, including the Hel Peninsula.

WOC II Quay is adjacent to the Cpt. Ziolkowski Quay and can be reached within 15 minutes of the vessel's passing the port heads. This is a great advantage especially for cruise passengers and tour operators focused on making the most of the ship's docking time for sightseeing. This quay, similarly to Cpt. Ziolkowski Quay, is particularly recommended for shore excursions covering the Old Town of Gdansk and its northern surroundings.