Port of Gdansk http://www.portgdansk.pl/ Events at the Port of Gdansk en Port of Gdansk Authority SA webmaster@portgdansk.pl Port of Gdansk Authority SA http://www.portgdansk.pl/media/art/pgk.gif http://www.portgdansk.pl/ 128 83 Port of Gdansk The Port of Gdansk increases its cooperation with ports in Ukrainehttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2676&lg=enA letter of intent regarding mutual cooperation with Ukrainian ports was signed between Port of Gdansk Authority SA and the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority of Ukraine in Odessa on 13 October this year.Lukasz Greinke as someone with the greatest impact on the economyhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2673&lg=enThree economic editorial offices: RMF FM, money.pl and 300Gospodarka together created a ranking of people with the greatest impact on the Polish economy in 2020. The list comprises 200 names. According to the organisers, one of the people shaping the economic reality of our country is Lukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority S.A.One step closer to establishing the FSRU terminal in the Bay of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2672&lg=enRepresentatives of GAZ-SYSTEM, the Port of Gdansk Authority and the Maritime Office in Gdynia signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the construction of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminal at the Port of Gdansk.The first cruise ship of the season at the Port of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2666&lg=enThe morning of 10 September 2020 saw the first cruise ship of the season arriving at the Port of Gdansk. The "cruise ship season" used to start at the port in April and end in October. What is more, this year was supposed to break a record in the number of arrivals, but the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. The plans were to welcome 84 vessels, but today we saw the first one.Port of Gdansk and the Rzeczpospolita Eagle Awardhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2662&lg=enWarsaw, 27 August 2020, saw the Second Meeting of the TSL Sector Leaders taking place, organised by the Rzeczpospolita daily. This year the participants discussed the current challenges faced by the logistics industry and its development prospects. During the gala ceremony special Rzeczpospolita TSL Awards were presented to outstanding companies from the logistics industry and its business environment in the Polish market. The Port of Gdansk received a special Rzeczpospolita Eagle Award in recognition for its impact on the development of the Polish economy, handling half of the Polish foreign trade by sea, and its increase in transshipment volume. Search Search in the Port of Gdansk website searchen http://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php