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The Port of Gdansk signs an agreement concerning the Central Port

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The Port of Gdansk signs an agreement concerning the Central Port


The Port of Gdansk Authority has signed an agreement for the development of the Central Port concept with the chosen Contractor. The consortium which won the tender will present the results of its work in just under a year.

Reclaiming 500 ha of sea? Individual piers forming a palm tree similar to the one in Dubai? The final shape of the Central Port, the purpose of each terminal, and the manner of financing the investment - these and many other issues will be resolved by the Contractor selected to prepare the multi-purpose development concept of the Central Port. The Port of Gdansk has just signed an agreement with the consortium made up of the Projmors Designing Office For Maritime Structures Company Limited and Mosty Gdansk.

"The Central Port is a flagship investment at the Port of Gdansk. An investment that will help the Polish maritime economy and make the Port one of the leading European ports and able to compete with ports worldwide. The economics are ruthless: ever larger vessels are being built, able to transport more cargo at once. We need to have attractive deepwater infrastructure thanks to which the Port of Gdansk will become the port of choice for numerous markets. I am glad that work on the execution of this project is gaining momentum," says Lukasz Greinke, President of the PGA SA.

The consortium will develop a concept of the Central Port within the coming 10 months. The document will include detailed analyses of demand for sea transport of goods and passenger transport on the national, continental, and global level, as well as the current commodity and passenger streams at the Port of Gdansk. The Contractor is also required to present forecasts of changes in the demand for this type of transport until 2050.

"The Central Port is an investment we need to look at from the angle of the next several decades. We need detailed knowledge on what the global maritime economy will look like in order to tailor the functions of individual terminals to the needs of the market," explains Marcin Osowski, Vice-President of the Infrastructure Department at the PGA.

The consortium will also make an inventory of the existing infrastructure and of that being constructed as part of ongoing investments. This will make it possible to plan modernisation work or create new infrastructure elements, so that the predicted demand for transport should be met.

"This is a very important moment for us. We are proud of the fact that we will significantly contribute to the construction of the most modern port infrastructure within the entire Baltic Sea basin. We are certainly aware of how important a task we have taken on, but the consortium is a team of experienced professionals, so we are not worried about the final result at all," says Mateusz Samulak, President of the Projmors Designing Office For Maritime Structures Company Limited, which is the leader of the consortium.

The Contractor will present three variants of the Central Port concept. Each of them has to include a map and a description, and also a recommendation for one of them.

The Central Port is the flagship investment of the Port of Gdansk Authority. Ultimately, several terminals with various purposes, including a bulk cargo terminal, a general cargo terminal, a passenger terminal, and a terminal for the Ro-Ro type of cargo are to be constructed over an area of about 500 ha. The investment is to be carried out as a Public-Private Partnership and involves staged construction of the successive terminals, depending on the needs of private operators. The Central Port has already received government support from the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Prime Minister Beata Szydło, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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