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The network of connections has been enriched

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Transshipments at the Port of Gdansk exceed last year's record.


The network of regular shipping connections at the Port of Gdansk has been enriched with yet another general cargo ocean link.


Not too long ago, in August 2016, the Port of Gdansk gained an unusual shipping connection with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the beginning of 2017 brought another important event for the port - a regular general cargo service connection with the United States operated by Spliethoff, a leading shipping company specialising in the transport of general cargo, but also project cargo and heavy lifts.

Ships will set off from Gdansk to the USA at least once a month, calling at ports such as Antwerp, Baltimore, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Houston. Optionally, on the way, they will also visit various ports on the east coast of Mexico.

Agency-related matters connected with the newly established line will be the responsibility of Transfennica, part of the Spliethoff group. As the shipowner declares, the service will handle conventional general cargo, but also investment deliveries and, optionally, container transport.

The first call, which took place on 19 January at the Oliwskie Quay, was very interesting, both from the point of view of the logistics operations themselves and the type of cargo, which included luxury motor yachts manufactured by a Pomeranian boatyard, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury yachts in Europe. The yachts reached the port on barges, from which they were loaded onto the ship and transported by sea to their destination port, the Port of West Palm Beach, Florida.

This was yet another example confirming that Polish products find buyers in the furthest corners of the globe and the Port of Gdansk is rapidly becoming the main hub through which the export of Polish foreign trade products to countries outside of Europe takes place.

The cargo was booked by Sevenstar Yacht Transport - the Spliethoff Group's sister company, which is a world leader in yacht delivery, organising the transport of about 2,000 vessels of this type annually and operating in markets across the world, including the developing countries of Asia, South America and Africa.

The transshipment operations took two days and were completed on 20 January.