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PGA SA with the "Diamond of Polish Infrastructure" award

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The Port of Gdansk Authority SA with
the "Diamond of Polish Infrastructure" award


The prestigious "Diamonds of Polish Infrastructure" awards for leaders in the area of infrastructure on the Polish market have just been awarded in Warsaw. By the decision of the Competition Board, the victory laurels in the "Effective Management" category was awarded to the Port of Gdansk Authority SA for the effective and stable management of the port infrastructure, constantly increasing effectiveness and exemplary activity in the area of business strategies, plan accomplishment and cooperation with investors.

The award ceremony was the culmination of the sixth edition of the "Polish Infrastructure" conference. Just like last year, the Competition Board recognised leading companies which distinguished themselves over the past twelve months thanks to their achievements, exceptional business effectiveness and innovation, and at the same time contributed to the development of the sector in Poland. The awards were granted in 8 categories: Innovation Leader, Financing Entity of the Year, Investment of the Year, Adviser of the Year, Social Responsibility Leader, Top Executive, Project of the Year, and Effective Management.

The distinction is awarded by a group of top class specialists in the Polish infrastructure industry, including representatives of the Sejm Infrastructure Committee, technical universities, trade chambers and engineer associations, and also representatives of the largest Executive Club organisation in Poland, bringing together top management representatives of the most important Polish and international companies, founded in order to determine the directions of development of the Polish economy. The Competition Board decided to recognise the Port of Gdansk Authority SA as the administrator of the infrastructure of the largest Polish seaport for outstandingly effective management, the huge efforts made towards the development of the port's infrastructure, and consistent implementation of the adopted strategy.

This is already the third prize awarded to the Port of Gdansk Authority SA within a relatively short period of time. Less than a year ago, it was also awarded a prize by the Pomeranian Governor for outstanding service to the region, actively supporting the region's development and promoting the region across Poland and abroad. Just a week ago, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA was also awarded the title of Pomeranian Employer of the Year 2015 in a competition organised under the patronage of the Pomeranian Governor and the Marshal of the Pomeranian Region.

It is a great honour that our consistency, determination in pursuing our goals and the development of the maritime industry, including in particular the development of the port infrastructure, were recognised by such a reputable group of outstanding specialists. Thanks to the effective management of the port area, investments in the infrastructure and the thriving activity of handling operators, the Port of Gdansk doubled its sea-sea transshipment operations within just 8 years. Over the past year, it allotted PLN 100 million for investment undertakings and now plans to spend even more - PLN 115 million - for the expansion of the port infrastructure this year.

According to preliminary financial data for 2015, PGA SA's net profitability in the past year equalled 47%, i.e. over 100% more than in 2014. An 11% increase in revenues from sales was also recorded.

The Competition Board also recognised the fact that, acting on the basis of a well-thought-out operational strategy, the Port of Gdansk has created such favourable conditions for conducting activity within the area it administers that it now constitutes one of the most attractive places in the region to locate operational activities, both among domestic and international investors. For example, in 2015, companies operating here spent approx. PLN 1 billion within just 12 months to carry out their investments.

The excellent access infrastructure of the port, good transport connections with the road network and the A1 motorway, the almost completed investments in railway infrastructure, expansion of the terminal infrastructure - all this, as the award shows, has not remained unnoticed. Quite the reverse, the Competition Board saw fit to acknowledge it in a special way, and award PGA SA the title of most effective infrastructure administrator in Poland.

Such awards elevate, but also obligate. Hence our ambitious investment plans for this and following years, during which the Port of Gdansk Authority SA plans to carry out even more investment projects amounting to PLN 1 billion.