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A study visit from INEA

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Investments at the Port of Gdansk.
A study visit from INEA and the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy


Representatives of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the European Commission visited the Port of Gdansk. On 27 November 2019, the government delegation had the opportunity to take a closer look at ongoing investments, co-financed from EU funds.

The delegation was welcomed at the Port Master's Office at Port Polnocny, where experts from the Port of Gdansk Authority SA presented the current and completed investments. During the presentation given by Jowita Zielinkiewicz, Head of the Department of Innovation and Fund Acquisition, construction work completed at the Inner Port and work related to road and railway infrastructure leading directly to the Port of Gdansk was discussed.

"The primary objective of all the investments carried out at the Port for which we have received subsidies is to improve the condition of infrastructure within the Trans-European Transport Network and modernise the existing road and railway transport connections", said Jowita Zielinkiewicz. "The Port of Gdansk's projects fill the gaps in the core network, thus improving transport connections with the rest of Europe. At the same time, transshipment capacity is increased and safety at the port improved.

New investment plans were also presented, including projects to be carried out at the Bytomskie, Rudowe, Weglowe, and Wislane quays. The quays will be modernised so as to enable mooring for larger vessels. Plans for works to be carried out in the Gorniczy Basin area, involving the development of transport infrastructure leading to the Basin, were introduced as well. The meeting participants were also told about the current status of work on the Central Port construction project - the Port of Gdansk's largest project.

The meeting was attended by Morten Jensen of INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency). INEA is an executive agency established by the European Commission. It is a supervisory body responsible for the technical and financial implementation of its programmes, primarily the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The projects carried out at the Port of Gdansk received funds under this programme. Olivier Silla represented the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport.

The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, which recommended investment projects at the port, was represented by Katarzyna Augustyniak-Bialik, Marta Budzyn, Milena Karpinska, Franciszek Labno, Jarosław Orlinski, and Jakub Siwinski. The Ministry is an institution managing the implementation of EU funds. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Centre for EU Transport Projects (CEUTP). The CEUTP is an institution supporting the preparation and execution of investments co-financed from the Connecting Europe Facility.

The delegation took part in a study visit during which the recently commissioned Mew Quay and the partially modernised Obroncow Poczty Polskiej Quay were presented. They also had the opportunity to see the ongoing work on the expansion of the road and railway system at Port Polnocny.

The modernisation works are the result of co-financing agreements between the Port of Gdansk Authority and the European Commission, represented by INEA, its executive agency, signed in 2017. The two infrastructure projects received the subsidy of EUR 118.7 million, i.e. 85% of the value of all the investments. The documentation preparation project received a subsidy of 50%. The total value of investment works within the framework of these projects exceeds EUR 140 million.

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