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A competition of the Port of Gdansk and the Gdynia Maritime University


The Gdynia Maritime University (GMU) and the Port of Gdansk Authority joined forces to organise a grant competition for students. The best projects will receive financial support for their implementation and the winning team of students will receive a prize of PLN 10,000 to go on holiday.

The challenges posed by maritime economy require innovative solutions. And where best to look for creativity and unconventional approach to problems? Among students, of course.
This is why the Port of Gdansk and the Gdynia Maritime University are organising a grant competition for the university's students. The projects they will carry out will make it possible to transfer technology from the world of science to the world of business.

"In our development strategy, innovative projects enabling the Port's development play a significant role. We try to derive as much as possible from the creativity of young people in order to keep moving up the ladder of our operational capabilities. We want to streamline work at Gdansk's port, while at the same time giving students a chance to test and improve their skills and ideas," says Lukasz Greinke, President of the PGA.

The competition boards will choose the best ideas responding to the challenges put out by the Port of Gdansk. Students may enter as teams. The best projects will receive financial support for their implementation and the winning team of students will be awarded a holiday voucher.

"The Port of Gdansk Authority has worked together with the Gdynia Maritime University for many years now. Thanks to this cooperation, we get the chance to benefit from the students' knowledge and engage them in activities within the Port. The students will be able to learn more about work at the Port and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our employees of many years' standing. At the same time, we can use this opportunity to present the Port of Gdansk to these young people as their potential future workplace. As part of the competition, we encourage them to come up with interesting solutions we might implement at Gdansk's port at some point," explains Jowita Zielinkiewicz, Head of the Department of Innovation and Fund Acquisition at the Port of Gdansk.

"We educate our students focusing on practical experience, which is why they have a chance to enter the labour market perfectly prepared in terms of both knowledge and skills. Within the last three years alone, our University gained modern infrastructure worth over PLN 60 million, thanks to which the students may study in conditions perfectly reflecting reality. The competition we are organising in cooperation with the Port of Gdansk Authority is a chance for the students to come up with an innovative idea or implement an interesting project, but also a test for our lecturers and teachers. Our mission is to educate students for the purpose of future work in specialised, often narrow fields related to the sea. I am very happy about the fact that the Port of Gdansk wants to use our knowledge and experience, and our students get the chance to test their skills in real conditions," says Professor Janusz Zarebski, Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University.

The grant competition is divided into four stages. The first one involves acceptance and selection of entries, as well as meetings of the GMU Competition Board with selected student teams in order to assess their projects. The best ideas chosen in the process will make it to the next stage. The teams which qualify for the second stage will appear before the PGA Competition Board. After their project proposals are evaluated, finalists will be selected. They will sign a contract for the implementation of the proposed idea. The last stage consists in the presentation of the completed projects and ends with the prize being awarded to the winners of the competition.

"Two entities with enormous influence on the development of the Polish maritime economy, the Port of Gdansk and the Gdynia Maritime University, have met today. The experience gained during the execution of the projects will constitute a huge chance for development for the students. This may bear fruit both in their professional and academic lives," explains Janusz Karp, Head of the Department of Education at the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation.

The Port of Gdansk Authority works together with start-ups and Tri-City universities on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this cooperation, it was possible to implement innovative pilot products, such as the dust emission measurement sensor system created by SeaData and the Smart Traffic Management System developed by Parkanizer.

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