Announcement on the cancellation of Tender Procedure No. 1/SRH/2024

Announcement on the cancellation of Tender Procedure No. 1/SRH/2024

On 15 May 2024, the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA with its registered office in Gdańsk (‘PGA’), in accordance with Article 2.1.18 of the documentation being cancelled, without providing any reasons, Tender Procedure No. 1/SRH/2024 for the lease of a developed land property with an area of 239,502.00 m2 located in Gdańsk. PGA confirms that the Tender Procedure arouses interest from a number of entities, which have sent almost 300 questions to PGA concerning the Tender Procedure. PGA answered all these questions, and they are available on the PGA website. The questions included requests from entities indicating a vital need to change the terms and conditions of the Tender Procedure.

In this factual and legal situation, the new Port of Gdańsk Authority decided that the cancellation of the Tender Procedure is the best solution and should take place before the deadline for the submission of tenders.

The decision made by PGA to cancel the Tender Procedure allows us to announce and conduct the Tender Procedure on the basis of the new conditions. PGA plans to announce a new tender procedure later this year. For this reason, as early as 15 May 2024, PGA is working vigorously to define the new conditions for the next tender procedure for the lease of this real estate.

Port of Gdańsk Authority SA