The Port of Gdansk actively supports the fight against the coronavirus

The Port of Gdansk actively supports the fight against the coronavirus

The PGA donated 10 fully equipped tents to the National Fire Service to help combat the coronavirus. They may also be used as temporary admission rooms in front of hospitals, if needed, and streamline the paramedics’ work.

Today’s handover of the equipment was attended, among others, by Dariusz Drelich, the Pomeranian Governor. As he said: "The Port of Gdansk Authority was one of the first companies to come to me with an offer of providing support in our fight against the coronavirus. We can already see the effects of this help. Representatives of the Gdansk port have already delivered the medical equipment, masks, and hand sanitisers to the selected facilities. Today, responding to the needs of the National Fire Service, the PGA is donating 10 fully equipped tents."

Specialist tents may function as mobile admission rooms or places where patients can be grouped, or even as field hospitals in the case of an actual large inflow of patients. They will also make it possible to avoid overcrowding and lower the risk of contracting the coronavirus in the emergency departments. Every facility which reports such need may be equipped with a field tent.

As Dariusz Drelich adds: "There are already over 30 tents of this type in the Pomeranian Region. All of them come from the warehouses of the National Fire Service. It is very important that Gdansk’s port decided to support our firefighters with as many as 10 tent sets complete with heating and lighting. This way, we can be confident that the firefighter teams are properly equipped. They not only have the necessary equipment for hospitals, but can also take action in the field, without fear that there will be a shortage of these tents."

When purchasing the equipment, the Port of Gdansk Authority decided to support the local entrepreneurs. As Lukasz Greinke, President of the Board at the Port of Gdansk Authority, said: "We decided to purchase the tents and devices from Polish manufacturers (apart from the generators, of course, which are manufactured abroad). This way, we had the opportunity to support our local market. In this difficult time, we all need to work together. We understand this and will continue to help as much as we can."

The Port of Gdansk Authority has been actively involved in the combat against the coronavirus, supporting the Pomeranian medical facilities. It has recently donated 2,000 face shields to the University Clinical Centre, as well as personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, gowns, and cooler boxes) to the Hospital in Koscierzyna. Moreover, Gdansk’s port is participating in a fundraiser for meals for health service employees and announces that its help will not end there:

"It is a kind of gift from silent heroes to other silent heroes. We need to remember that ports are our window on the world, enabling import of the goods which are in such shortage now, and at the same time – an export window that helps maintain production for our economy," Greinke adds.

Senior Foreman, Piotr Socha, the Pomeranian Regional Chief of the National Fire Service, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative of the Gdansk port: "Today, we received the equipment, which will be of much use to us. It includes tents, heaters, generators, ozonators, basically everything that is used on the front line today. Solutions of this type are currently in use in 15 locations next to hospitals. Unfortunately, such equipment runs down rather quickly, which is why we need to be prepared for what is going to happen in a week or two. The tents we received today will considerably improve our resources and efforts."