The first cruise ship of the season will soon arrive at the Port of Gdańsk

The first cruise ship of the season will soon arrive at the Port of Gdańsk

The luxury passenger ship Hamburg, sailing under the Bahamian flag, will moor at Westerplatte Ferry Terminal this Sunday (10.04).

The Hamburg is 144 m long, 21.5 m wide, has a draught of 5.5 m and 15,067 GT. The vessel can take up to 420 passengers on board. The ship was built in 1997 at the MTW Schiffswerft GmbH shipyard in Wismar as the Columbus. Because there was already a ship of this name in the Bahamian registry, the Columbus was named C. Columbus. But not for long. In 2012, it was rechristened and given the name Hamburg.

The ship is operated by Plantours & Partner GmbH, and sails under the Bahamian flag.

‘The upcoming season looks very promising. We have more than 100 ships scheduled for this year. This is a record number. However, the situation can change very quickly. We have to keep in mind that both the war in Ukraine and the global pandemic will have a crucial influence on the number of vessels coming to us’, explains Michał Stupak, an expert on the shipping market in the Port of Gdańsk.

Numerous activities in Gdańsk and the Pomeranian region are waiting for the 295 passengers of the Hamburg. Among them: a trip to the Old Town and museum, historical and cultural attractions, and then a trip to the Malbork Castle, the largest brick structure of medieval Europe.

The vessel departs from Hamburg for Gdańsk on 8 April, finishing the voyage in Copenhagen after 12 days. During that time, apart from the two mentioned ports, it will also visit: Klaipeda, Riga, Helsinki, Stockholm and Visby, Tallinn, Alesund, the Åland Islands, and Bornholm.

The next cruise ship to arrive at the Port of Gdańsk will be the Spirit of Discovery, owned by Saga Cruises, announced for the 7th of May and sailing under the British flag. Tri-City residents can especially look forward to the vessel named MARINA, bearing the flag of the Marshall Islands, because it is the longest vessel that will visit us this year. It is over 239 metres long. We expect the vessel on 15 June.



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