Port of Gdansk http://www.portgdansk.pl/ Events at the Port of Gdansk en Port of Gdansk Authority SA webmaster@portgdansk.pl Port of Gdansk Authority SA http://www.portgdansk.pl/media/art/pgk.gif http://www.portgdansk.pl/ 128 83 Port of Gdansk New improvements for heavy vehicle traffic at the Port of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2169&lg=enFor some time now, the DCT container terminal at the Port of Gdansk has been carrying out intensive work on improving the flow of heavy vehicle traffic within the terminal. For this purpose, in May 2016, it began informational meetings with shipping companies and freight forwarders, during which future users of the e.Brama system had the chance to find out what is involved in the advice note process and what its principles are.Another delivery of Iranian oil for a Polish refineryhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2167&lg=enIn the early hours of the morning on 23 January, the Vilamoura tanker brought 130,000 tonnes of Iranian oil for a Polish refinery to Gdansk. The ship set off from the Iranian export terminal on Kharg Island in late December and made its way to the Port of Gdansk, crossing the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.The network of connections has been enrichedhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2166&lg=enNot too long ago, in August 2016, the Port of Gdansk gained an unusual shipping connection with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the beginning of 2017 brought another important event for the port - a regular general cargo service connection with the United States operated by Spliethoff, a leading shipping company specialising in the transport of general cargo, but also project cargo and heavy lifts.More than 37 million tonnes of cargo at the Port of Gdansk.http://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2165&lg=enThe past year was long heralded as a special one for the Port of Gdansk, both in terms of the predicted transshipments and the investments carried out here, as well as on account of the fact that Gdansk moved up in the ranking of the largest seaports on the Baltic Sea. All of these forecasts were realised and today we can say with certainty that the Polish port has reached a peak, taking sixth position in the Baltic Sea in terms of overall transshipment volumes for the first time.The Port of Gdansk rebuilds its position in the automotive sectorhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2164&lg=enOn 5 January 2017, with EMS Highway's call at the port and its first loading, a new regular Ro-Ro type shipping service between Gdansk and Tilbury was launched, which will call at the Port of Gdansk once a week from now on, in order to pick up Hyundai cars. Search Search in the Port of Gdansk website searchen http://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php