Port of Gdansk http://www.portgdansk.pl/ Events at the Port of Gdansk en Port of Gdansk Authority SA webmaster@portgdansk.pl Port of Gdansk Authority SA http://www.portgdansk.pl/media/art/pgk.gif http://www.portgdansk.pl/ 128 83 Port of Gdansk New Chief Port Dispatcher at the Port of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2486&lg=enAs of 1 February 2019, the position of Chief Port Dispatcher at the Port of Gdansk has been assumed by Mr. Krzysztof Janiak. Former Chief Port Dispatcher, Jerzy Adamowski, will now perform the function of Deputy Chief Port Dispatcher.The Port of Gdansk with a historic annual recordhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2489&lg=enIn 2018 the Port of Gdansk transhipped almost half of the goods that were transported through all Polish ports. Thanks to this it is getting closer and closer to the podium of the largest Baltic ports.STRABAG will expand the Oliwskie Quay at the Port of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2479&lg=enA consortium of companies from the STRABAG Group, with Strabag Sp. z o.o. as the consortium leader, signed a contract with the Port of Gdansk Authority SA for a comprehensive expansion of the Oliwskie Quay. Construction work is scheduled to begin in January 2019. Under the contract, the port quay - over one kilometre long - will be converted and expanded.The Port of Gdansk has its own board game!http://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2475&lg=enBuy, sell, ship, establish business relations - just an ordinary day at the Port of Gdansk, and at the same time, a board game scenario. It is one of very few professional port-themed games in the market.A new quarterly record at the Port of Gdanskhttp://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php?id=2470&lg=enThe transshipment volume at the Port of Gdansk keeps increasing. Thanks to the result for the first half of the year, Gdansk's port managed to go up by two positions in the ranking of the Baltic Sea's largest ports. This new record brings it closer to the very top. Search Search in the Port of Gdansk website searchen http://www.portgdansk.pl/index.php