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  Port of Gdansk
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Two 100-thousand tankers

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Two 100-thousand tankers serviced at the same time


Not so long ago, the Port of Gdansk hosted the sea-borne giants - they were two 300-thousand tankers, whereas on Friday December 19 2003, "Naftoport" arranged for another important event - at the fuel piers owned by "Naftoport", two large-sized tankers were serviced simultaneously. Either tanker held 100 thou. tonnes of liquid fuels in their holds.

On Thursday 18 December at 4:50 pm, tanker "Olympia" was reported at the roadstead of the Port of Gdansk. Four hours later another 100-thousand tanker "Prospect" entered the roadstead. At 8:48 pm the loading was started of 100 thou. tonnes of crude oil onto "Olympia" that was moored at Berth "T", whereas at 1 pm "Prospect", which was moored at berth "R", began loading on December 19 at 0:54 am. The first tanker to accomplish the loading was "Olympia" - at 1 pm, while "Prospect" - round midnight (on Fri Dec 19).

- This is a result of the increased handling volumes reported by the Liquid Fuel Terminal at the Northern Port - says Andrzej Radzikowski, Assistant Director for Technology at the Liquid Fuel Handling Company "Naftoport" Sp. z o.o. As the fuel handling rates grow, a repeated occurrence of such events should be expected. The Port is efficiently suited for the handling of as much as three tankers of the kind.

- These measures are aimed at the enhanced attractiveness of the Port through the elimination of risks related to additional costs on the part of our business partners - adds Tadeusz Zakrzewski, President of "Naftoport" Sp. z o.o.

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