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Expansion of the Port of Gdansk container terminal co-funded under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme

On 11 March 2014 in Warsaw, the Centre for EU Transport Projects, represented by Director Pewel Szacillo, acting for the State Treasury, and Port of Gdansk Authority SA entered into a grant agreement for the Project Expansion of the intermodal container terminal in the area of the Szczecinskie Quay in the Port of Gdansk. On behalf of the beneficiary, the agreement was signed by Ms Dorota Raben, President of the Board of PGA SA, and Mr Jerzy Melaniuk, Vice-President of the Board.

The project will be implemented under the 2007-2013 Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme, Priority 7: Environment-friendly transport, measure 7.4 Development of intermodal transport.

The scope of the project for which the funds have been granted includes upgrading the infrastructure of the terminal situated in the area of the Szczecinskie Quay in the western part of the Port of Gdansk. The upgrade is supposed to improve technology and customer service. As a result, not only will the storage, transport and parking zones in the terminal be extended, but also water and wastewater management as well as utilities networks will be improved.

The estimated total cost of the project amounts to over PLN 44.6 million. The eligible costs of the project for which the grant of PLN 17.6 million has been awarded amount to PLN 35.1 million.

Janusz Kasprowicz
PGA SA PR Officer