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A contract has been signed with the works contractor and the contract engineer for the expansion of an intermodal container terminal
in the Port of Gdansk co-funded by the European Union

On 17 June of this year, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA together with project contractors and building control representatives signed contracts for the execution of works under the project "Expansion of an intermodal container terminal at the Port of Gdansk's Szczecinskie Quay". This is the first PGA SA project in a long time that is co-funded by the European Union. It is set to initiate a number of subsequent investment projects to be delivered thanks to the financial support from EU funds.

By way of open tender procedure, the following contractors have been selected:

  • STRABAG Ltd - contractor for building and construction services together with the project, value of the procurement: PLN 21,082,230.09 net, PLN 25,931,143.00 gross
  • A consortium of PORTICO PROJECT MANAGEMENT and Partners Limited Partnership - consortium leader and ECM GROUP POLSKA SA - consortium partner Investor's supervision, value of the procurement: net PLN 465,853.66, gross PLN 573,000.00

A total value of the project exceeds PLN 44.6 million.

PGA SA has acquired PLN 17.5 million in financial aid from the Cohesion Fund for the expansion and modernisation of an intermodal container terminal which is due to completion by the end of 2015.

The investment project involves the expansion and modernisation of infrastructure and facilities for the purposes of a future container terminal which will be situated at the Szczecinskie Quay. The project is aimed at improving the technology and the quality of services provided by the "port intermodal transport node". The scope of the project includes enlarging storage, traffic and parking areas, improving water supply and sewage system management and the supply of utilities, as well as providing the lighting and the fencing to the area. The project will boost the quality of road-sea, rail-road-sea and rail-sea transport services in terms of unit turnaround time and improved container handling and storage facilities.

The objective of the project is to provide approximation of throughput capacity across all operational nodes of the terminal through adjusting storage and handling capacity of facilities adjacent to the quay to the throughput capacity of the quay.

Successful completion of the project will enable substantial growth in the throughput capacity of the terminal.

The contracts for execution of construction work and investor's supervision during the project implementation were signed by:

  • Dorota Raben - President of the Board of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA
  • Jerzy Melaniuk - Vice President of the Board of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA
  • Andrzej Sumionka - Northern Region Director of STRABAG Ltd
  • Janusz Semeniuk - Northern Region Director for Financial Affairs of STRABAG Ltd
  • Tomasz Malyszko - Plenipotentiary of PORTICO Project Management, Tricity Branch Director - Consortium Leader Representative