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Session of PGA SA Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Port of Gdansk Authority SA has recalled Ryszard Strzyzewicz from his position as PGA SA President of the Board. On 13th of December 2012, hitherto Vice President of Board for Infastructure Jerzy Melaniuk, has taken over as Sole Director.

13.12.2012 - more

Gdansk opens up to the sea

On November 30th 2012, the hosts of Pomerania together with Slawomir Nowak, the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy expressed their satisfaction with the launch of another road project around Gdansk Port.

04.12.2012 - more

PGA SA and PERN "Przyjazn" SA signed a lease agreement

Port of Gdansk Authority SA and PERN "Przyjazn" SA signed a preliminary land lease agreement in Gdansk. The agreement concerns the land, where an Oil Terminal will be constructed.

27.11.2012 - more

Freight shall adjudicate on disputes

It is not often the case that attempts to reach one goal make joint venturers within one project fall at loggerheads...

23.11.2012 - more

www.portgdansk.pl now also available in Russian

As a result of the rising interest in cooperation among our business partners in Russia, our website www.portgdansk.pl, apart from its English and Chinese versions, will be also available in the Russian language, starting from the next week.

22.11.2012 - more

Emotions of special towing operation

Thanks to the excellent reputation of the Gdansk Ship Repair Yard REMONTOWA, a drilling ridge has become quite a usual view in the Gdansk port canal. Nevertheless, the towing operation of giant structures never fails to arouse emotions.

12.11.2012 - more

"God's will" for Gdansk...

...and not only. A spectacular investment, one could say - Gdansk's flag project: a road tunnel under the Dead Vistula river is set to serve the entire region of Pomerania, as well as Poland's national economy.

08.11.2012 - more

The 5th anniversary of DCT Gdansk

The true magic of dates. They not only reflect the rapid growth of container services in the Gdansk port, but also the determination of the people who have recognized the future of the new maritime transport technology.

22.10.2012 - more

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