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Lech Walesa has met with the PGA SA Management Board

The former President of the Republic of Poland has congratulated the stevedores and builders of the Northern Port.

16.10.2014 - more

2014 cruise season

38 cruiseliners visited the Port of Gdansk in the 2014 cruise season, bringing nearly 15 thousand tourists.

08.10.2014 - more

Management of the HaminaKotka Port Authority on a visit

Delegates of the joint Hamina and Kotka ports authority came on a study visit to the Gdansk coastal area.

07.10.2014 - more

Polish Masters of Business 2014

The Port of Gdansk Authority Joint Stock Company has been ranked as one of the most effective companies in Northern Poland.

02.10.2014 - more

Cadets' oath taking ceremony on Westerplatte

On 25 September 2014, more than 300 cadets took a solemn military oath on Westerplatte.

26.09.2014 - more

The first supply of fish for the NAPO cold store

19 September 2014 saw the arrival of the reefer vessel "Silver Bergen" at the Port of Gdansk, bringing the fist supply of frozen fish for the NAOP cold store.

19.09.2014 - more

Prospects of growth in the cruise industry for the Port of Gdansk

The visit of the French cruise ship "Club Med 2" is the first step towards Gdansk acquiring the status of a turnaround port on the map of the Baltic tourism industry.

29.07.2014 - more

Port of Gdansk's performance in H1 2014 better than a year before

Port of Gdansk Authority SA added up its handling volumes in the first half of 2014 and saw a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

22.07.2014 - more

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