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Duty Free Zone

The Duty Free Zone was opened at the Port of Gdansk in 1996. It is administered by the Port of Gdansk Authority SA. Major benefits for business partners cooperating with the Duty Free Zone include:

  • the ability to store imported goods (EU and non-EU) without quantitative or qualitative quotas, customs duties or taxes for an unlimited period of time, for all products permitted to be marketed;
  • the ability to remove and clear goods in batches;
  • the ability to carry on a broad range of manufacturing, assembly, and refining operations for goods from outside the European Union within the Duty Free Zone, without the need to pay customs duties and taxes for the means of production introduced, after the appropriate customs procedure is approved by the Customs Bureau;
  • the external border of the Duty Free Zone is a so-called customs fence. It is monitored 24/7 by a specialised security service.

The Duty Free Zone operates 24 hours a day. Customs records of goods brought into and removed from the Duty Free Zone are kept with the use of an IT system.

The Duty Free Zone comprises two parts:

  1. The Wladyslaw IV Basin (WOC) situated at the entrance to the port, with a total area of 31 ha.
  2. The PERN Oil Terminal located at Port Polnocny, with a total area of 27 ha.

Duty Free Zone
18 Zamknieta Str., 80-955 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 737 96 00
Fax: (+48) 58 737 97 22

133 Wyszogrodzka Str., 09-410 plock, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 320 16 62, (+48) 24 266 22 55,
(+48) 24 266 23 00

Customs Branch Office "Wladyslawa IV Basin"
20 Przemyslowa Str., 80-542 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 771 56 71, (+48) 58 771 56 50
Fax: (+48) 58 771 56 54

Local UCS Office in Gdansk
1 Oplotki Str., 80-730 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 785 45 84
Fax: (+48) 58 785 46 09