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Notification of arrival and departure

Notification of arrival and departure


No ship shall enter / leave the Port of Gdansk without the permission of Harbour Master's Office. This regulation shall not apply to tug boats and pilot vessels while performing activities connected with ships' entering or leaving. To receive the permission for entering / leaving the port, the ship shall contact Harbour Master's Office and report the ship's name, nationality, length, beam, draught, type of cargo and other details requested by Harbour Master's Office. The permission to enter / leave shall be granted by Harbour Master's Office through communication means; VHF Channel 14 being the basic.

All ships entering / leaving the area of Wisla Smiala and Sopot Molo landing place shall be obliged to receive the permission of Harbour Master's Office.

The master of a ship heading the Polish port shall be obliged to provide the harbour master with information regarding ship's identification, port of destiny, estimated time of arrival to the port of destiny and estimated time of departure from the port and the number of all persons on board:

  • at least 24 hours before the ship's arrival, or
  • not later than at the time when the ship leaves the previous port, if the voyage is shorter than 24 hours, or
  • immediately if the port of destiny is unknown or changes during the voyage.

After arrival at the road, ship's master (commander) shall notify by radio harbour master's office of the following:

  • ship's name, call sign and IMO number
  • LOA, beam and draught
  • ship's tonnage according to International Tonnage Certificate, London'69
  • type and amount of cargo, including dangerous and polluting cargo
  • authorized agent
  • last port of call

Immediately after ship's arrival to the port, ship's master (commander) or the person authorised by ship's master (commander) shall submit, in a written form, at harbour master's office Statement of Arrival and information on dangerous / polluting goods.

On the request of harbour master the Statement of Arrival of a ship in international voyage shall be accompanied by the originals of the following documents:

  • Ship's Certificate
  • International Measurement Certificate
  • safety certificates
  • load line certificates
  • MARPOL Certificate
  • Financial Guarantee Certificate
  • crew and passenger lists
  • Cargo Manifest

Harbour master is authorised to keep ship's safety certificates for the period of her stay in the port.


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