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While mooring ships:

  • of length of 130 m or more
  • of length of 85 m or more with the wind force over 5oB

a mooring boat shall be used. The particulars of the mooring boat shall ensure safe and professional service.

While mooring (unmooring) to dolphins, a mooring boat shall be used regardless the ship's length and the wind force.

In cases motivated by safety of navigation, the number of linesmen and mooring boats shall be determined by Harbour Master.

All ships of length of 40 m and more are obliged to use mooring services.

The following table specifies the number of linesmen for assistance of ship with regard to ship's length:

Manoeuvre Ship's length (in meters)
40.00 - 120.00 120.01 - 200.00 Over 200.00
Unmooring 1 - 2 2 - 4 5
Mooring 2 - 3 3 - 5 6

In the Port of Gdansk the side-to-side berthing of ships and floating port facilities shall be prohibited without harbour master's permission. Mooring in places not intended for mooring shall be forbidden.

A ship shall be obliged to heave and let go lines of floating craft which serve her.

Ships obliged to use tug boats shall moor (unmoor) to the quays parallely with restricted use of own propulsion.

Ships moored to the same quay are obliged to decrease the gaps between them to the distance indicated as ordered by harbour master.

Taking off and letting go the ropes from quay shall only be performed following ship master's (commander's) order. Mooring lines shall be made fast only on bollards or on other facilities designed for this purpose to the effect that every line may let go easily and in any sequence if necessary. Mooring lines shall be fitted with rat guards.

Other craft's mooring lines may be taken off only in case of urgent necessity, after the notification to ship's master (commander) or the person authorised by him or commanding the ship, and after receiving this person's permission. The lines taken off shall be made fast again in an appropriate manner immediately after such necessity ceases.
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