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Investment conditions

Investment conditions

Port of Gdansk Authority SA would like potential investors to express their interest in carrying out their projects within the area administrates by the port authority.

The Port of Gdansk Authority SA wishes to attract investors ready to finance and carry out specific projects on land adjacent to quays or embankment, leased from the Port of Gdansk Authority SA and to operate the facilities and generate profit on completion of the project, providing that the undertaking contributes to an increase in cargo turnover.

Investors can include companies or any groups comprising, for example, capital investment institutions, constructors, operators, cargo handlers and other related companies committed by relevant agreements.

The Investor and Port of Gdansk Authority SA conclude a lease agreement that defines the principles of using available port infrastructure. Usually these are long-term agreements, which depend on the type and size of the investment.

Additionally, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA invites prospective industrial investors to locate their production business activity on the port development land.

Future investors can rely on favourable investment conditions and assistance in project execution, and in particular:

  • Assistance and co-operation in obtaining necessary licences and permits
  • Preferential lease rates during construction and initial operation period
  • Access to Port infrastructure
  • Linking the new project to the transport network in the Port
  • Connection and supply of utilities to the investment site

Port of Gdansk Authority SA invites all parties interested in investing in the Port of Gdansk to contact for further information, to place offers and conduct negotiations.

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