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Cruise to Gdansk

Cruise to Gdansk

The Port of Gdansk is Poland's largest and oldest port which for centuries, thanks to its flourishing sea trade, has played the role of a driving force behind the economic and cultural growth of Gdansk. Stemming from that foundation, Gdansk grew to become, in the 16th century, the largest and the richest town in Poland, as well as the biggest port on the Baltic Sea.
Nowadays, Gdansk continues to be recognized as the sea capital of Poland, attracting each year 3.5 million tourists from across the world. Its abundant historic monuments and beautiful town houses charmingly stretching along the bank of the Motlawa River remind visitors of the architecture typical of Amsterdam and of the atmosphere of world-renowned Venice in Italy.
Not only history enthusiasts, but all those sensitive to beauty will find here scenic spots filled with a unique atmosphere, and will appreciate the charm of Gdansk's old, picturesque streets, resounding with the music played by buskers that arrive here from all over the world.

However, Gdansk is not the only place in northern Poland that is worthwhile visiting. Pomerania ranks among the most attractive and most diversified regions in terms of landscapes to be found in Poland. Here, we can discover the peace of the sea, the beauty of the hills and lakes, and even a unique desert on the Leba Lagoon.

For this reason we would like to present to you the most attractive sights in Gdansk and all across the region that are musts in any sightseeing itinerary. We also give you the most important information, which is of great value especially to cruise operators organizing trips to this part of the Baltic, regarding the Port of Gdansk and its offer for cruise ships. Moreover we include here a variety of recommended tour itineraries, ensuring that visitors can enjoy an even more pleasant stay in this unique place, where you cannot help but keep coming back once you have tasted its charms.

Source: Pomorskie Tourist Board
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