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The Port of Gdansk Authority Spolka Akcyjna (i.e. Joint Stock Company) with its registered office in Gdansk, is a commercial partnership established in 1998 and operates based on the provisions of the Act on Seaports and Harbours and the Code of Commercial Companies. In that capacity, the Company follows the tradition of all its predecessor entities that used to manage the port grounds in Gdansk. The owners of the managing entity are: the State Treasury, the Municipality of Gdansk and entitled employees.
The Port of Gdansk Authority SA is a sole entity managing the port in Gdansk - the Port of primary importance to the national economy. This confirms the strong position of the Port and the continuation of stable and coherent government policy towards the major ports in Poland.
The remit of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA includes:
  • management of properties and port infrastructure
  • forecasting, planning and programming of port development
  • construction, development, maintenance and upgrading of port infrastructure
  • acquisition of properties for port development needs
  • rendering of services connected with the use of port infrastructure, in particular ensuring:
    • fire protection from the water side for the facilities and areas in its administration
    • fire protection from the water side for ships and other floating vessels in the port waters or in the port's roadstead or anchorage
  • assurance of access to port reception facilities for wastes from vessels with the purpose of their recycling or neutralization
Operational services are provided by individual companies.

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