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New improvements for heavy vehicle traffic at the Port of Gdansk


New improvements for heavy vehicle traffic at the Port of Gdansk
are coming soon


For some time now, the DCT container terminal at the Port of Gdansk has been carrying out intensive work on improving the flow of heavy vehicle traffic within the terminal. For this purpose, in May 2016, it began informational meetings with shipping companies and freight forwarders, during which future users of the e.Brama system had the chance to find out what is involved in the advice note process and what its principles are.

The e.Brama system is a pre-advice system for heavy goods vehicles, which will ultimately apply to all the carriers coming to the DCT Gdansk. Systems of this type are common in the largest ports of Europe and the world, including Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Felixstowe. A natural consequence was therefore the implementation of a similar solution within the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea - the DCT terminal.

Thanks to the system, drivers and transport companies will be able to decide for themselves when they would like to deposit or pick up a full container (the process does not apply to empty containers). For that purpose, they will have to log into the e.Brama system and select their preferred time slot in which they intend to arrive at the terminal.

Until mid-February 2017, the process of picking up and depositing containers at the terminal will take place on the old terms, but soon, the process of implementing the e.Brama system will enter its final phase.

In just a few weeks, starting from the second half of February, advice notes for HGVs during peak hours, which are movable in the case of the DCT container terminal, will become mandatory. The terminal will provide up-to-date information on the time slots subject to the advice notes. During this time, it will be impossible to enter the terminal in order to pick up or deposit a full container without a pre-advice note in the e.Brama system.

The next stage of the system's implementation will take place a month later. From the second half of March 2017, e.Brama will be the only way to pick up or deposit a full container at the DCT Gdansk terminal. Pre-advice of HGVs will apply to all drivers arriving at the DCT, 24 hours a day.

Accordingly, all the companies and drivers who have not yet registered in the system, are kindly asked to immediately submit the relevant forms, available on the DCT container terminal's website at: The form submission deadline is 10 February 2017. Failure to meet the deadline will result in inability to pick up or deposit containers at the terminal.

For some time now, the Port of Gdansk and the DCT terminal have been carrying out intensive work on improving the flow of heavy vehicle traffic within the port. The implementation of the e.Brama system by the container terminal is one of the elements in this process.

The second one will be the construction of buffer car parks by the Port of Gdansk Authority SA. One dedicated mainly to the left-bank side of the port, planned to be located in the area of Ulica Handlowa and another one intended for traffic putting a strain on the right-bank side of the port, whose location is planned in the area of Ulica Kontenerowa.

Within the next few days, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA will issue a call for tenders in the design-build system for the car park on Ulica Handlowa, whose planned surface area will provide sufficient space for about 60 heavy goods vehicles to park there. At the moment, the development of the so-called functional-utility programme is nearing completion, and, in accordance with the public procurement law, it is a document essential for determining the specific goals of the design and construction work in the case of the design-build type of procurement.

Moreover, PGA SA already has a complete appraisal of the land which in the port's opinion would be the most convenient location for the construction of the car park dedicated to the right-bank side of the port complex. This has made it possible for the port authority to secure resources for the purchase and reinforcement of the land for the construction of a large buffer car park in the area of Ulica Kontenerowa in the Investment Plan for 2017. Currently, a geotechnical survey of the land is being conducted and concepts for the transport possibilities within the land best suited for the location of the car park are being developed. The issues of providing it with an energy network and a water supply and sewage system are being verified, as ultimately, the car park will also be equipped with sanitary facilities, a petrol station with a car wash, and catering facilities.

The scope of the investment will be broad, as the car park will be designed for about 1,000 heavy goods vehicles, and its construction will be carried out simultaneously with another investment - the modernisation of the road infrastructure as part of the previously announced project called "Expansion and modernisation of the road and railway network at the Outer Port". It is a project for which the port has obtained EUR 24 million of EU subsidies from the resources of the Connecting Europe Facility.

Both the currently implemented e.Brama system and the construction of the buffer car park at the Port of Gdansk will constitute a comprehensive and coherent solution aimed at setting new standards of service for drivers at the Port of Gdansk and at transforming it into a road haulier-friendly modern port complex.

The complete information on the e.Brama system along with user tutorial videos is available at:

About e.Brama [PDF file, 748 KB, Adobe Reader]
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