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Heavy lift handling

Bridge over the Martwa Wisla

Presentation of Port of Gdansk in Warsaw

Transport Logistic 2001

Bridge over the Martwa Wisla

The Gdansk-Odessa train in service from now on

Baltic Meeting Point


The 7th International Transport Logistic Fairs '2001


Many times now have the Polish seaports of Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin-Swinoujscie taken the opportunity to jointly participate in the international promotion forum, namely, the fairs. On this occasion it was one of the Europe's major fair in the field of transportation and logistics: the 7th International Trade, Logistics, Telematics, Cargo and Passengers Transportation Fair TRANSPORT LOGISTIC '2001, which was held on 15 - 19 May 2001 in Münich, Germany.

This year's edition of the Fair saw the second time over the past two years, that the three Polish seaports together held the presentation sharing the same exhibition stand, and the third time, that saw a joint participation of the seaports of Gdansk and Szczecin-Swinoujscie.

This year in Münich, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA, the Port of Gdynia Authority SA and the Authority of Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports of shared an uncommonly large area of the exhibition stand (70 m2) arranged in the form of a timber-made ship. The attractive design of the stand combined with the consistent joint efforts of the three Polish seaports made a particularly positive impression on those visiting the exhibition grounds.

The Transport Logistic Fair gathered as much as 900 companies representing a large number of countries, such as Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Holland, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, China and Belarus.

In addition to promotional purposes and establishing business contacts, the exhibition provided the opportunity to hold meetings and exchange information with other seaports participating in the Fair: Bremen, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Koper, Rostock, Zeebruggee, Kaliningrad, Marseille, Strasbourg, Rijeka, Turku, Trelleborg, Genoa, Ostende, Triest, La Spezia, Venica, Monfalcone, Rauma, Wismar and others.

The exhibition also included the presentation of companies operating in the multiple branches of the transportation sector (among them the ship owners such as Blue Star Ferries, Stena Lines) carriers, multimodal operating companies (P&O, Danzas, Schencker, etc.), IT technology, logistics, insurance and maritime design companies, as well as manufacturers of transportation means and companies dealing in specialized fittings and equipment.

The Management Board of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA was represented by: Stanislaw Cora - Vice-President of the Board and Jan Halas - Plenipotentiary Dealing With Protection of Confidential Information. On behalf of the Authority of Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports the Fair was attended by: Andrzej Montwill - President of the Board, Krzysztof Zyndul - Director for Development and Marketing, whereas representing the Port of Gdynia Authority SA was Krzysztof Gromadowski - Vice-President of the Board.

The Fair was accompanied by a large number of facultative events, among them the Forum on Competitiveness among the European Ports, which featured speeches from the representatives of particular ports, including the Polish seaports.


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