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The orange fleet of the Port of Gdansk

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The orange fleet of the Port of Gdansk


On 10 September 2013, the green and black tugboat entered the port on its homecoming to Gdansk. Ten years before, it was built by the Gdynia-based Damen Shipyards and then operated under the name "Kakulo" by the French shipping company Sonasurf International Shipping LDA on the coastal waters of Africa. Following its 10-month overhaul at the "Nauta" ship repair yard in Gdynia, it was given a new lease of live and is now sporting the traditional colour of the towing fleet owned by WUZ Port And Maritime Services in Gdansk - vivid orange.

15 November marked the official raising of the Polish flag on "AKUL". This is the name of a carnivorous orange-furred animal inhabiting the mystical planet of Shili featured in "Star Wars", renowned for its remarkable powers. Indeed, "AKUL" is now the most powerful and robust tugboat to have ever operated in the Polish ports. Its exceptional capacity is achieved thanks to its two AQUAMASTER US 3001 stern azimuth thrusters, with a total horsepower of more than 5500 hp. The length of the vessel is more than 32 metres (with 12-metre beam and 5-metre draught) and it can develop speeds of up to 13 knots and reach the so-called bollard pull of almost 70 tonnes. A double-cylinder pulling winches placed on the bow enable the tugboat - with guaranteed superb manoeuvrability - to swiftly change its operation mode from pulling to pushing.

- These features - said Romuald Daszuta, CEO of WUZ Port And Maritime Services in Gdansk - will guarantee the highest safety standards to the ocean-going giants entering the Port of Gdansk.

WUZ Port and Maritime Services Ltd - established in 1991 following the privatisation of the Commercial Sea Port in Gdansk - has now expanded its orange towing fleet with the 14th tugboat. "AKUL" has taken over as a leading vessel from the former most powerful (56 tonnes pulling power) and the youngest tugboat "VIRTUS" (built in 2008 by Remontowa Shipbuilding in Gdansk). It will add to the operational capacity provided by "TYTAN" and "TAURUS" (both with more than 40-tonne pulling power), the 30-tonne "ARES", "AJAKS", "AGIS" and "ARGO", the hard-working "SLON" and "BOBR" (10 tonnes pulling power each) and the 3-tonne "DAREK" and "JEDREK". The company's highly-skilled personnel, well-prepared to provide services round the clock despite the severe weather conditions, has now acquired another strength while implementing the "Reliable Company" programme that has been under-way for several years. Gdansk - which is "AKUL's" port of registry - has now been enforced with a new argument in the 1000-year battle for claiming Gdansk's major position among the Baltic seaports.

Janusz Kasprowicz
PGA SA PR Officer

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