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Obroncow Poczty Polskiej Quay

Obroncow Poczty Polskiej Quay

Ship length
Operating quay length
Max. draft
Ship loader
Mobile cranes
Open stores
Annual throughput capacity
 up to 225 m
 275 m
 10.2 m
 1,200 t/h
 3.2-6.0 t
10-200 t
 21,619 m2
 2 million t

The Obroncow Poczty Polskiej Quay is suited to the handling of dry bulk and liquid cargo such as granulated sulphur, molasses, heating and base oils, as well as aggregates. It is operated by Cargo Handling Company Siark-Port Sp. z o.o., with services rendered mainly to Siarkopol Gdansk SA. The Quay is equipped with cargo handling pipeline plants connected with onshore tanks and railway sidings, and also with funnels (for rail cars and motor vehicles).

For further information please contact:

Quay operator:
Siark-Port Sp. z o.o. PPU
[ Access gates ]
7 Pokladowa Str., 80-561 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 737 70 77
Fax: (+48) 58 737 62 23

Siarkopol Gdansk SA
12 Mjr. H. Sucharskiego Str., 80-601 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 555 24 00
Fax: (+48) 58 555 24 23
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