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30 thousand tonnes of sugar


30 thousand tonnes of sugar


The holds were nearly filled to the top on board the 190-metres long m/v "African Zebra", which on 9 July brought to Gdansk almost 30 thou. tonnes of cane sugar from Africa. The vessel docked at the Oliwskie Quay where, in April, the Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics launched the advanced technological lines designated for the handling of loose sugar, grain, fodder and biomass. The equipment in use enables the handling of cargo for both import and export, regardless of the weather conditions. The investment project, worth a couple of million zloties, came as a result of the good financial result attained by PGCL last year. "African Zebra" inaugurated the supplies announced by way of the agreement made between PGCL and a large sugar consortium. It can be expected, however, that the expansion of the Company's infrastructure will prove conducive to gaining more clients and cargo turnovers. As a result of the improved quality of cargo handling, PGCL has acquired a terminal with an annual throughput capacity of 200 thou. tonnes.

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