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A "sugary" investment project at the Port of Gdansk


A "sugary" investment project at the Port of Gdansk


The last year's positive results attained by the operating company Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics brought forward another investment project. In conjunction with its business partner, at a cost of a couple of millions, PGCL launched on 1 April technologically advanced lines suited to handling loose raw sugar. The warehouses located at the Oliwskie Quay had been prepared in compliance with the most demanding sanitary-epidemiological requirements. Special conveyor belt systems and state-of-the-art electronic scales had been installed, equipped with a radio module that enables direct on-going transferring of information on cargo parameters. For the purpose of the project, new loading equipment had been purchased and the port cranes had been fitted with modern grabs. Additionally, the implemented solutions make it possible to release goods from the warehouse onto the means of transportation independent of the weather conditions.

The arrival of the first vessel carrying a load of loose raw sugar has been scheduled for mid-June this year.
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