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The 2008 cruise season has commenced


The 2008 cruise season has commenced at the Port of Gdansk


The arrival of the passenger ship "Albatros" on 14 May inaugurated the 2008 cruise season at the Port of Gdansk. The vessel berthed at the Oliwskie Quay. Similar to previous years, passenger ships will be accommodated at the Oliwskie Quay and at the Westerplatte Ferry Terminal.

This season, the Port of Gdansk is expected to host forty cruise liners, of which the first - 205.46 metres long "Albatros" - is one of the biggest passenger ships scheduled to visit Gdansk. The biggest cruise liner in the 2008 season will be the 214.66 metres long "Thomson Celebration" which is due to arrive on 7 July this year. Together with her sister ship called "Thomson Spirit", which called at Gdansk last year, these are the biggest passenger ships that have ever visited Gdansk.

This year's cruise season in Gdansk - as was the case in the previous year - will take until 19 September.

The 2008 summer season cruise liners notification chart
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