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Scrap and steel products to be handled at a new terminal


Scrap and steel products to be handled at a new terminal


The Port of Gdansk has acquired a new investor, namely Celsa Group of Spain that has signed a contract with the Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics. Celsa Group comprises ten European steelworks, the Polish Celsa Ostrowiec Steelworks included. The contract pertains to the use of land adjacent to the Rudowe Quay in the Gorniczy Basin. This area of the port has for years now seen the companies of Drapol and Global purchase and handle scrap.

Celsa has set up a company called Scrapex, as part of the group, to manage the terminal. The company will clear the storage yards on the land situated within the Gorniczy Basin, that remained hitherto undeveloped, and will purchase equipment and handling machinery. With time, Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics is set to become the owner of the equipment and machinery, paying it off in instalments through a partial reduction in charges for handling services.

The Gdansk-based scrap handling terminal will serve the purpose of securing supplies of raw material for Celsa Group steelworks. It is expected that the terminal will process cargo destined for export: scrap and finished steel products from Ostrowiec Steelworks (rods, steel rolled sections). The scrap will be delivered to steelworks belonging to Celsa Group or, should the necessity arise, imported. Handling services will be provided by Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics. The operation will commence on February 1, 2006.
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