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Handling operations of heavy lifts


Unusual handling operations at the Port of Gdansk


On February 26, this year at the Port of Gdansk two unusual handling operations of heavy lifts were carried out by the Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics company.

At the Szczecinskie Quay 8 brewing tanks were unloaded: 6 larger ones the size of 20 m of length, 7 m in diameter and the weight of 33.5 tonnes, and 2 smaller ones - 16 m of length, 5 m in diameter and the weight of 16 tonnes. The operation was performed with the use of a mobile harbour crane with the lifting capacity of 100 tonnes owned by the Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics company. Shipped from Germany, the tanks will be forwarded to Warka Brewing Company by a company of Port Consultants. Due to their considerable size the tanks will be carried to the site of destination via inland river navigation.

At the same time, at the Wislane Quay, a 54-meter long and 21-meter wide single structure with the weight of 120 tonnes was loaded. The structure is a fish farm suited for salmon keeping in Norway manufactured by a company of Mostostal Chojnice. This handling operation was carried out by means of a floating crane "Maja" with a lifting capacity of 300 tonnes owned by the Polskie Ratownictwo Okretowe.
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