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The Port of Gdansk at a conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbours


The annual conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbours was held in Guangzhou. The event gathered about 200 ordinary members from more than 90 countries with leading ports from all the continents.

The participants of the conference included public port authorities, private port operators, and government agencies responsible for ports.
A group of representatives of the Port of Gdansk Authority took part in the event at the invitation of the authorities of the Port of Guangzhou. The group was headed by Vice-President Slawomir Michalewski, who was interviewed by a number of media representatives (public television, the television of the Guangzhou province, as well as Chinese national dailies). The Vice-President was accompanied by employees of the Port of Gdansk's business office in Shanghai. Both ports (Guangzhou and Gdansk) have been cooperating since 2016 as sister ports. They therefore hold meetings alongside industry events in Europe and China. Study visits, as well as employee exchange and training courses are also organised.

IAPH member ports handle more than 60% of global sea trade measured in metric tonnes and over 80% of global container traffic (in TEU). Nearly 150 shipping companies, stevedoring firms, and warehousing companies, national and regional port associations, port research and training institutes, as well as port-related product manufacturers and service companies are represented as associate members.

The delegation of the Port of Gdansk attended a number of meetings with representatives of Chinese ports, including Ningbo-Zhongshan, Beibu Bay, Shenzhen, and Tianjin, as well as Japanese, Korean, Canadian, and Nigerian ports, the Port of Baku, and Dutch ports interested in cooperation with Gdansk's port.

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