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Water examination


The Port of Gdansk Authority SA conducts regular examination of the contents of pollutants in the port water regions.

Pollution may be present in the port water regions as a result of direct discharge of undesirable substances or they may be carried with precipitation water or with household or industrial sewage. There is a variety of sources of pollution such as industrial activity and cargo handling. Pollutants may be also brought by inland surface waters feeding into the port water regions.

As of 1 January 2004, the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 23 January 2003 became effective (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 35, item 308) pertaining to the requirements for performing measurements of substances and energy contents in the environment by the managing entity of the road, railway line, tramway line, airport and port. The Regulation provides the reference methodology for performing measurement of the contents of pollutants in port water basins and determines the scope of examination.

The PGA SA water basins are subject to a twice-yearly examination of the following parameters:

The regular examination shows that port water basins under the PGA SA administration are clear.

Concentration of heavy metals subject to measurement (lead, zinc and cadmium) in port water regions remain below the determination levels.

All companies conducting business activity on the land leased from PGA SA meet the legal requirements in terms of environmental protection and hold the required permissions and environmental decisions e.g. water and legal permits for disposal of sewage. Inspections conducted show that the values of the examined parameters are within limits.

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