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  Port of Gdansk
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The heads of five ministerial offices for the Polish economy
on a visit to the Port of Gdansk


The last day of August was exceptional for the Port of Gdansk, because on that day, on the occasion of an external government meeting, the port was visited by representatives of the central administration headed by the Minister of the Treasury - Andrzej Czerwinski and Deputy Minister of Economy - Jerzy Pietrewicz.

The meeting, apart from government representatives and members of the PGA SA management board, was attended by the Marshal of Pomerania - Mieczyslaw Struk, the President of the City of Gdansk and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the PGA - Pawel Adamowicz and representatives of Pomeranian companies including: Teresa Kaminska - President of the Pomeranian Economic Zone, Janusz Jarosinski - CEO of the Port of Gdynia and Piotr Slupsk - CEO of the Mars Investment Fund, responsible for the finances of four companies in the ship repair sector and construction of steel structures for the offshore industry.

The participants were carefully chosen, because the key topic of the talks was the maritime economy, its importance for the country and prospects for the future. The meeting addressed, among others, issues of innovation in the economy and the implementation of innovative solutions in the fast growing marine economy.

However, the meeting at the headquarters of the PGA was not the only one. That day the port area was also visited by Maria Wasiak - Minister of Infrastructure, accompanied by representatives of PKP PLK and the PGA SA's Vice President of Infrastructure - Jerzy Melaniuk. She visited the construction site of a new railway bridge across the Dead Vistula River, one of the key investments for the development of the Port of Gdansk. During the meeting, they discussed progress in the modernisation of the No. 226 railway line and the reconstruction of Northern Port station.

On the same day the Port of Gdansk was also visited by the Minister for Foreign Affairs - Grzegorz Schetyna and the Minister of Finance - Mateusz Szczurek, who met with representatives of the container terminal DCT Gdansk and representatives from Customs and Excise, in connection with the new border customs clearance system deployed at the beginning of this year, streamlining the servicing of goods imported via Polish ports, as well as significantly increasing the competitive strength of domestic marine centres for servicing goods.

To summarise, the last day of August was an opportunity to present to the heads of many ministries the potential of the Polish maritime economy based on the example of the Port of Gdansk and to familiarise them with current investment projects, and thus show one of the fastest growing sectors of the Polish economy these days - the Polish maritime economy.